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    Community Pride

    Pacific Pride Foundation proudly provides services to the HIV/AIDS and LGBT communities of Santa Barbara County. All of our programs are free or low cost and offered in English and Spanish through our offices in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria.

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  • Community Services

    Community Services

    Direct services include free and anonymous HIV and Hepatitis C rapid testing, as well as up-to-date HIV/AIDS prevention and education. The Syringe Exchange Program offers sterile syringes and other supplies, as well as harm reduction counseling. Our Counseling Center is LGBTQ+-sensitive, and our LGBTQ+ Program houses support groups for Youth and Young Adults--as well as various 12-step groups.

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  • Community Events

    Community Events

    PPF strives to attract and produce events and activities of interest to all members of the LGBT community. PPF supports activities that increase understanding, support and a sense of community among LGBT people across lines of race, gender, age, religion and socio-economic status.

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  • Community Action

    Community Action

    Our best response to acts of hate in our community is to come together in solidarity for the safety of all those who call Santa Barbara home.

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Hate Hits on State Street

Walking down State Street with my arm in Saul’s arm, talking and in very good spirits after dinner together at “our place”, we heard an angry voice behind us and slowed to let this person pass. As he did, he yelled “FAGGOTS!” and then flipped both middle fingers at us. We slowed more, stunned but this. Near the Pinkberry on De La Guerra and State, the man didn’t stop there. Threats, more violent names and hateful combinations of “F**king homosexuals!” and worse. We stopped in our tracks, he now ahead of us and closing the space between us. I found myself saying “ok, you are crossing a line. Enough.” Then he threatened to hit. “Just try it…” I almost didn’t get the words out before I felt the blow to the head that almost knocked me off my feet. The next 15 minutes were a blur of activity and dazed sight. He ran, I ran. I called 911 and wove through downtown streets and a parking garage at dusk in downtown Santa Barbara. “He will not get away.” I told myself, and the emergency responder on the phone instructing me to make sure I held my distance.

He was finally picked up outside World Market. “Do you want to press charges?” The arresting officer asked. Yes.
(as told to Pacific Pride staff by Richard Schiwietz. Edited for space.)


Hate Hits on State StreetToday is National Coming Out Day and exactly one week ago a hate crime occurred in downtown Santa Barbara against a gay man. Richard’s concussion, black eye, dazed memory, and ear ringing continues. And he was verbally and physically assaulted at 7pm on a Tuesday right in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. For walking arm and arm with a good friend. Saul, has no physical wounds, but was no less a victim of hate.

Pacific Pride Foundation is calling on our community. We will not tolerate verbal abuse, punches, and pushes. We do not find it acceptable that on crowded streets, only one witness came forward and no person intervened. Not to stop verbal hate, not to jump to attention when someone was punched in the eye, not to slow down a runner when a man called out for help.

This National Coming Out Day – we ask for a commitment from everyone to make “State Street Safer”. Our community, our LGBTQ+ citizens and all of us need each other.

I AM different. I am bullied and called names, subjected to verbal and physical abuse. But, I also gather courage to walk out my door every single day and live in my own city to be possibly subjected to ridicule for my own self yet another time.
When does it stop?” – Richard S.

Next Tuesday, October 18th - join us for “This is where it happened” where we will come together to show Santa Barbara County that we – LGBTQ+ and allies are here, we are out, and we are proud members of this community. There, we will share Richard’s story, a story that might ring true for many in our community who have gone through similar trauma. And as a group we will proudly state, that we will be a part of the solution. We will commit to interfering when we see others getting verbally assaulted or bullied. That we are here for Richard, for Saul, and as a community, will face hate with resolve.

Tuesday, October 18th – To celebrate National Coming Out Day, to declare we must make “State Street Safer”, for Richard and Saul, and for ALL of us.

6:00pm find us at De La Guerra Plaza. Then to the corner of State Street and De La Guerra… Where it happened.

And, if you need counseling services, contact Counseling at the Pride Center for an appointment.

In Pride,
The Staff of Pacific Pride Foundation




OUTrageous Film Festival

OUTrageous Santa Barbara LGBTQ Film Festival: Celebrating 25 years of OUTrageous films25th Annual OUTrageous Film Festival
November 3-5, 2016

Thursday FREE Program @ UCSB Multicultural Center
Friday & Saturday@ Metro 4 Theater
Saturday Night Reception Location TBA

All-access passes are $50, good for all 8 screenings Fri & Sat (7 features and 1 shorts program) and entry to the closing night reception. Passes can be picked up at will-call any time during the festival, starting an hour prior to the first screening.  Purchase a Pass!



Your LGBTQ+ Community Center

You're invited to "love up" Pacific Pride Foundation's new lobby space in Suite A-10!  Bring your laptop and check some e-mail. Cozy up on one of our couches with a good book. Check out the community bulletin board for LGBTQ-centered activities and groups. 
This is your space: a safe space, an LGBTQ-positive space. Make it your own! 
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Counseling at the PRIDE Center

Pacific Pride Foundation's counseling center annually trains a team of 6 to 8 counseling interns (a majority of whom identify as LGBTQ+) in issues relevant to LGBTQ mental health--with full, robust training in best practices for Transgender (Non-Binary included) clients. Interns additionally receive training in supporting the mental health of those living with HIV/AIDS. 

Our interns are overseen by Bren Fraser, LMFT, and offer high-quality individual, couples, and family therapy for a sliding scale fee.

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Our counseling interns also serve on LGBTQ sensitivity panels, collaborate as trainers with PPF sensitivity trainings, and visit our PPF Youth & Young Adult Groups to lecture on specialized mental health topics.

As they become licensed, our interns move on to become critical leaders in local and national mental health circles.

To make an appointment in our Counseling Center (located in Santa Barbara) please contact Patrick Lyra at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at (805) 963-3636 x130.


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